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 It's time for kindergarten registration photo

It's time for kindergarten registration

As February draws near, 5 year olds across the county are gearing up for the start of kindergarten. Kindergarten registration begins Feb. 9, and will continue through Feb. 13. Parents may register their child at the elementary school located in their attendance area. School officials believe that kindergarten is the building blocks on which educational careers are built. Director of Elementary Education Cindy Croffut said kindergarten students are instructed in reading, writing, math, social studies and science.

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Gingerbread Magic photo

Gingerbread Magic

 As the holidays grew closer and students became excited to begin their winter break celebrations, two groups of students gathered to create a symbol of the Winter Holidays from a country far away.

One week before break would begin Ms. Christina Mitchell’s class took a field trip down the hall to a Kindergarten classroom to join Mrs. Erin Kaik’s class to learn a bit about celebrations from a different part of the world.

Ms. Mitchell explained to students bits of information about German celebrations including that Christmas preparations would often begin before December 1st for many German families and that much time was spent baking spiced cakes, cookies, and other goodies as well as making gifts for loved ones.

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